First Hunter 12 wins

  • Don't play Hunter that much as my style tends to be value instead of aggro, but the Secrets and Spellstone did very well on this deck. Able to pump out army of wolves. Only loss to a mage at 2-0 with couple of AOE. Few close games, but able to burn opponent down faster. Also lucky that the only really bad card in the deck, Blubber Baron actually did very well, came out as 4/4 to 6/6 in at least 4 games.

    Last game was with an interesting Paladin deck played Gibbering and Drygulch Jailor first 2 turns then smuggles run all the tokens to 2/2. But I think played a little too conservative. Traded a 7/3 with a wolf and used a dinosized silverhand for board control when I would be in more trouble if he go for my face.

    Still need 12 wins for Druid, Mage, Shaman and Warrior.

    Arcane Shot
    Jeweled Macaw

    Cat Tricks
    Explosive Trap
    Faerie Dragon
    Freezing Trap
    Grievous Bite
    Trogg Beastrager
    Wandering Monster

    Blubber Baron
    Deadly Shot
    Fungal Enchanter
    Ironbeak Owl
    Jungle Panther
    Thunder Lizard
    Unleash the Hounds

    Cursed Disciple
    Cyclopian Horror
    Flanking Strike x2
    Naga Corsair

    Emerald Spellstone x2
    Nesting Roc

    Big Time Rackeeteer
    Savannah Highmane x2

    Crushing Walls
    Gladiator's Longbow
  • I think Hunter is one of the only classes I haven't pulled a 12 win with.

    Well played JohnHoo!