They are still rigging arena?

  • Decided to see if anything has been fixed with Arena in the last year, but appears to be just as rigged as always. Lower win rate players getting higher value cards and greater in-game rng to force wins?

    3-1 game opponent hunter plays turn 8 Primalist summons Call of the wild into turn 9 call of the wild

    3-2 priest plays Lyra on turn 5, coin, SWH, turn 6 chains 6 spells, ends up with 2 mind controls and a dragon fire, and has velen on turn 7 to heal out of 3hp range. Did I mention pyschic scream from lyra to prevent on board lethal?

    Both players average 2 full wins lower than I do and get this RNG due to blizzards forced balancing. This is just a small sample size of what consistently happens. Game is still broken, I feel sorry for anyone still playing this
  • Our response on the whole "rigged" topic has been stated. This includes comments over "rigged draws", "rigged to benefit streamers", "rigged to break win streaks", "rigged matchmaking", “Rigged Arena” and each other "rigged" statement that falls into these categories.

    This just isn’t the case.

    This topic has been covered inside and out. These threads always spiral into the same back and forth and there is just nothing new that is presented in any of them. Due to these reasons, I will be locking/removing them as they come up.

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