Please get more creative

  • Anyone see "The Color of Money?" Pool hustler movie with Tom Cruise. In it Tom explains that the art of throwing a game lies in making it look close.

    I have come to accept the fact that for the non-pro streamers the entire game (including arena) is a lot like pro wrestling. It's sold as a legitimate contest but the outcomes are predetermined.

    My suggestion is this - make it look good. Not every game has to be a one sided beat down. Arena is arguably worse than ranked in that I seem to face net decks on steroids. Perfect draw after perfect draw, top deck winner after top deck winner.

    Make it interesting. Keep it close. Sell the illusion that the outcome is undecided.
  • Our response on the whole "rigged" topic has been stated. This includes comments over "rigged draws", "rigged to benefit streamers", "rigged to break win streaks", "rigged matchmaking", “Rigged Arena” and each other "rigged" statement that falls into these categories.

    This just isn’t the case.

    This topic has been covered inside and out. These threads always spiral into the same back and forth and there is just nothing new that is presented in any of them. Due to these reasons, I will be locking/removing them as they come up.

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