From PC to Phone

  • Hello, i am playing hearthstone on pc so much and i want to play it on phone too (i dont want to play hearthstone all over again). But will i be able to continue the progress from pc to a android? Because im going to a diffrent country and i wont
    be able to play it on pc. Greetings from Montenegro!
  • Hey krsma,

    Hearthstone is playable from PC and Mobile. Everything is saved on server side to the account, so it can be played on one device or another if you're on the go. It is global, so you can play on other regions as well, but the card packs and progress is saved to the region and will not transfer to another region.

    If you have any trouble with the region, it can be changed by logging out and changing at the login screen.
  • @Deathwish300, It is possible to play between phone vs computer.

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