Blizz should sell $$ balance cards

  • Blizzard really should hop on this train and sell cash balance cards.
    The competition does it ( League of Legends, Google Play cards etc..).

    I don’t have/want a credit card because reasons. Whenever I want to buy packs or arena passes I cough up the big bucks via Google Play that I use on my son’s android phone.

    I would much rather buy myself a nice and shiny Blizzard card at the corner store instead of using a 3rd party one, spending more for nothing along the way.

    The usual increments would do, 10$, 15$, 25$, 50$ and 100$ cards. It’s literally like printing Blizz cash. Why this has not been done yet is beyond me.

    It would be a really nice follow up especially after the price adjustments made to Google Play, and would give those of us who like this purchase method more options.

    Of course these could be used for any Blizzard game purchases, not just Hearthstone.
  • O.o gift cards are usually available in any store that sells computer programs/games as well as a few that don't. This should extend to Canada as well?

    I'll have to double check though. However, just as a heads up, if they are available, they will be labeled as cards and have pictures of any of our games on them (doesn't matter which picture, they all work with for any of our games).
  • 01/11/2018 02:46 PMPosted by Rokkjaw
    Edit: I just made a quick search on the internet and found quite a few different forums saying they were not yet available in Canada. The most recent was a few months old, maybe it changed, maybe not.

    Checked here and it appears the most recent forum you visited was correct. :(