Never craft Classic legendaries because of Tavern Brawl packs?

  • I have calculated that if I wait a mere 7.5 years of doing Tavern Brawl packs, I should be able to complete my Classic legendary collection (I already have about half of them).

    This means that the most efficient use of my gold would be spending it only on expansion packs - because, unlike Classic packs, I do not have access to a consistent weekly influx of them.

    However some decks I want to play require me to have these missing Classic legendaries, but in the interest of efficiency, should I wait the 7.5 years to open them (if I get pity timered for each legendary it will take 15 years)
  • 01/08/2018 03:03 AMPosted by URjustSOL
    Yes, you'll pull them eventually

    While this isn't wrong, there is an important point to remember. You won't pull a Legendary you already own, until you own them all, for that set you are opening.