Free Arena run ticket disappeared?

  • I had enough gold to enter arena. When selected arena a pop up appeared and said I had a free arena run - I was thinking, cool, thanks Blizzard.

    Anyhow, got smashed and though no problem, I've used my free run I'll try again.

    Turns out, my run cost me gold - no idea what happened to that free arena run I was promised.

    Glitch? anyone else had this today?
  • garyfromscot,

    We're not currently running any promotions for free arena runs. The last one was back during the Frost/Fire festivals and I see you used those arena runs already.

    I'm not sure what you saw when entering the Arena, but it's possible there was a bug if you saw something mentioning a free Arena run. If it happens again, try to take a screenshot of it and mention it in the Bug forum.

    Note that you can always check the Hearthstone News to see when promotions are happening.