Problem BLZBNTBTS0000000B

  • I've a problem in downloading "Blizzard Agent".
    After completing the download a window says that "there is another download instance in this computer. close and retry" and it closes.
    I've already tried to restart the pc and to delete all and hearthstone apps and files and to download a new Hearthstone.setup from blizzard site.
    It says "problem BLZBNTBTS0000000B".
    What can i do?
    ps. I've a mac with OSX 10.10.3
  • OpeLegis and Schofsky Hearthstone does need 10.10 to be on the latest version to work properly. Will need to update the macOS to 10.10.5.

    Goldragon Make sure the macOS version is fully up to date too. For the BLZBNTBTS0000000B error the steps here will usually help.