Tyrande, oh where oh where

  • My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria.

    Then it became available to players with their Battle.net country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack.

    Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase.

    I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions.

    Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair....

    Please can Blizzard respond.
  • 11/21/2017 12:28 PMPosted by Tillael
    Today we can read blue posts around 10 different topics, but none in this one.

    There is currently no update. As soon as one is available, we will get messaging out. The topic isn't being ignored, there is just currently nothing more to add. We are aware this is still a hot topic for some and it has not fallen off our radar.

    I realize this may not be the response some are hoping for and as soon as there is an update, we will let everyone know.
  • Hey everyone,

    I am bumping this thread for a couple reasons.

    1. I have seen a bunch of other threads get bumped by the same one or two folks. I don't want this to be a topic that is seen as "spam" or otherwise by the community. This often happens when a specific subject has multiple threads all jumping up with a lot of the same thing being said. Others start down voting and reporting. This is one of the reasons we ask for players to find current threads to discuss their topics or create new ones if they cannot. So I'm going to be making this the main thread to discuss this matter. This is where I will be referring players who are inquiring for updates.

    2. To let you guys know this has not fallen off the radar. I know it can feel like it has if something is left untouched for too long. While I do not have any new information to add, your feedback and concerns are heard by Team 5 and this matter is actively being discussed.

    I have seen some comments alluding to the ease in which Tyrande should/could be made available. However, this just isn't the case.

    I apologize I do not have more exciting or new news to share currently. As things update on this end, we will do our best to let players know what is going on.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • 03/21/2018 01:14 AMPosted by Bobafett345
    as I said earlier that they're trying to contain this issue and hope it dies down quietly.

    Considering I focus comments to this thread, discuss the matter on a regular basis with Team 5 and have kept this topic open, regardless of the erroneous claims and comments, I'm gonna heavily disagree with this comment. Not to mention, it is obvious this is an important point for some players. One I do not believe they will just let "die down quietly".

    As a reminder, this thread is being left open for feedback, concerns and to provide context to Team 5. Being rude, trying to build a case around assumed comments and attacking the ideas/comments of others can lead to actions and your post being removed.

    Please be respectful in your posts.

    Thank you.
  • 03/22/2018 10:40 AMPosted by MarvMind
    Todays tool tip in Hearthstone: "You can buy an alternative hero for your favorite class in the shop."


    Thanks tool tip.
  • 04/24/2018 09:53 AMPosted by Istvaan
    So I do have an update. I talked to Yong Woo on Sunday and they are definitely bringing both Khadgar and Tyrande back but they can't speak about specific timing. I'm guessing they are working on either contracts for charities related to them or something similar. Not too great of news but at least we know we for sure will have a chance to get them.

    Yong Woo did respond to a comment concerning Tyrande:

    "...We will in the future give access to Tyrande (to) people who missed out. We are not ready to share details yet. Thanks for your patience."

    The details are still being worked on and as soon as there is more to share, we will get them out to you. But she is coming back.
  • 04/25/2018 12:35 AMPosted by Tillael
    Without any irony, this is the same answer (same promise) the community got 15 month ago. Nothing happened, or at least nothing noticeable.
    I would like to know, approximately when we could expect any noticeable action in this issue?

    No irony taken and the civility in which you posted this is greatly appreciated.

    I can't give you an approximation, simply because it isn't set in stone and if you have any experience with Blizzard, you know we don't give any kind of date that isn't fully locked in. Thus the birth of "Blizzard Soon™".

    However, I realize getting a time frame for you guys, even if it isn't a specific date, will help to deal with the "not yet" updates. I will circle back with Yong and see if there is a potential time frame that can be provided or anything along those lines.

    No promises there will be, but I will talk with him and see what we can do.

    The continued patience and feedback is appreciated.
  • Each is welcome to their own opinion. Please respect that and do not call each other names or discredit another's view.

    I have removed several recent posts to prevent any further escalation. You are free to discuss ideals, but do not turn it into attacking one another please. This thread has lived for some time now and I do not want to have to close it over disagreements that get out of hand.

    Thank you and appreciate it.
  • 04/25/2018 10:31 PMPosted by Bobafett345
    …however, we are no closer to learning what the holdup is

    I understand where you are coming from completely. We do not have context about the inner workings for this process to share other than, as I had mentioned in a previous post, there is a bit more to it than just "flipping a switch". And I'm not saying that to be condescending or take away from anyone's request. That analogy just works the best for explaining that there is more to this process than what there may appear to be.

    (Side Note: In your list of things that have happened, I think it was a missed opportunity to not make a comment along the lines of "completed a Shudderwock turn". :p )

    04/26/2018 09:42 AMPosted by Kyleabos
    However, Woo's answer, while it seems to be encouraging a lot of people, seems to be a loaded response.

    "Loaded" - maybe not the right word imo.

    However, the request for more context is received. I will bring this up as well.
  • 05/14/2018 12:11 PMPosted by WarByte
    Haven't had a blue text in a while - any more updates?

    Nothing to share yet.