Where can i find Bnet prepaid balance cards?

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    I am wondering where i can buy Bnet prepaid balance cards. I saw some info of them on the blizzard website but i cant find a single retailer that sells them in Belgium or even in the EU. Are these cards already being distributed in the Europe or not? If anyone was able to buy some at a website could you please provide a link ?

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    Information about the Battle.net Balance Cards can be found in our FAQ.
  • 06/09/2013 15:45Posted by Steeler
    That's great but it doesn't answer hatebreedd's question. The FAQ only says they can be found "in Europe", not a specific retailer. As someone who is also interested in an answer to where I can find them, could I request you look a tad more into the locations?

    Unfortunately, we're unaware of the exact locations as to where Battle.net prepaid cards are currently being sold. The FAQ contains all the information we have about the cards.

    Currently only a small number of retailers have these cards in stock. I would suggest trying your local game shop or contacting your country's major games retailer to see if they have it.
  • Hey guys. I need to lock this thread as it's getting a little old now and not really a Technical Support issue.

    However, I can tell you that we have recently updated the Gift Card FAQ to include examples of retailers in various countries. The lists are by no means exhaustive and you we recommend checking the stock situation with your preferred local retailer before purchasing.
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