Arena Matchmaking

  • How does arena matchmake?

    Totally random?
    Based on wins?
    Based on wins AND losses?
    Based on hidden arena mmr?

    Anyone know?
  • 11/11/2017 04:35 AMPosted by DirtyHairy
    It is based on your current arena score.
    The matching system will match you up to the most "equal arena score".

    This means that on busy days more arena players are playing and matchings will be more balanced.

    If you play on Thursday night on NA server after say 1 AM...........less people are on and your 4-1 could match up with a this has happened to me already..........I've friended and asked many times.

    My advice is play on busy weekend days so you get equally balanced match-ups in arena.

    For the most part this is true. It's very likely you will be matched against a player with a similar record, but depending on the amount of people queuing with your record at the same time this is adjusted so you don't have to wait too long to find a match. This happens more often when players reach very high win totals (11-0) than because of the time you queue.