Halloween Event Arena

  • In light of the Halloween event for Arena featuring dual-class potential, I find it quite a bit more exciting and thoughtful of a game mode than regular arena. Are there any plans to include a dual-class arena mode in the future? Because I would play that over regular arena, I think. Should such a mode be included? Minus the portrait costumes, of course (unless they want to keep em). What do you all think?

  • Feedback has been fairly positive on the mode so far, which is great. Normal arena will come back when the event is over and we look forward to trying different arena formats in the future.

    When thinking about new formats we'll most likely look to change the cards available rather than completely change the way Hearthstone games play out like we do with Tavern Brawl. Dual-class is fun and different, but does not fundamentally change the skills you need to compete at a high-level.