What's your favorite legendary from this expansion?

  • I wanna see what people say.

    My favorite is probably shadowreaper anduin, i feel like the card really helped priest finally succeed without borderline broken dragon synergies to keep the class playable
  • Deathstalker Rexxar and Bloodreaver Gul'dan for legendary. Defile and Dead Man's for non-legendary.

    Rexxar took a lot of design-time to get to. His original text box was "Summon all your Beasts that died this game" or something similar. Was a fine text box but we had already done something close to it with N'Zoth and Gul'dan. We had some concept art of stitching beasts together and a couple of designers came up with what I think was a clever design solution that speaks to that theme.

    Gul'dan is simple in concept but accomplishes a lot in terms of gameplay. Helped recreate the control warlock archetype and supported a really cool lifedraining/blood warlock fantasy.