Well. I'm out.

  • Before I leave I'm gonna whine and cry a bit. I'm really frustrated and I want to express my concerns via rant. I was never great at arena . But today really cemented the fact that it kinda doesn't matter if was good. arena is not at any point designed to be a "fair fight"

    I rarely get legendaries in arena. Today I had my choice of Seargent Sally (had no buffs, so pretty much useless), Krul the Unshackled (no demons so utterly useless), and Tyrantus. I was stoked. Tyrantus is a difficult threat to remove and even though he is strictly late game I definitely don't think he's bad. But then I started my arena run.

    The only match where I got to play Tyrantus was against my final opponent. A mage/warlock. (ALL 6 of my opponents were half mage btw. ALL OF THEM. Do you think this might be pointing at a problem??)

    Mage had Prince Malchezar (total of 6 legendaries in his deck now)
    One of them was Elise The Trailblazer (added an ungoro pack)
    they then copied Elise via Manic Soulcaster (now 7 legendaries in total, 1 in play)
    From the Ungoro pack they got Lyra the Sunshard (8 legendaries total)
    then then proceeded to use lyra to draw the other Elise and play her. which gave her Pyros.

    For those following along that's 9 legendaries and 2 ungoro packs along with the other innate spell/card generation of mage.

    This isn't balanced. This isn't fun. At no point was I given the tools to be able to defeat my opponent. I had tons of removal spells and some good minions, and a decent bit of synergy and it just did not matter. The outcome of the game was never in my hands, it was in the game's. The game rolled the dice and decided who won. This is a growing problem and I just don't have it in me to keep giving chances to a game that punishes me for trying. Ranking up is a chore, arena is irredeemably unbalanced, decks continue to get more expensive to build.

    I loved the KotFT pve stuff and really all of the single-player type fare. It's fun and interesting and challenging. But even though it's challenging it's designed to have a way for you to win. But that's the only mode where that's true. So i'm sorry but i'm leaving. I know no one cares but I wasn't gonna uninstall before at least saying why.
  • I would agree every individual game of arena is not designed to be a fair fight (the key words here being individual game). The nature of arena is that sometimes you draft a deck you perceive to be extremely powerful and have an advantage. Other times you draft a deck you perceive to be weak and try to do the best you can with what might be a disadvantage.

    There is some variance involved that we've opted into. Having a great run with a weak deck can feel really rewarding, just like drafting a deck you think is the most powerful thing ever also leads to a memorable experience. Part of the fun in drafting is that you aren't sure exactly what the quality of deck is going to come out of it. That said, arena is far from a coin flip. Great players have better results because they are better at drafting, and better at piloting their decks. The same players are on top of the arena leaderboards every month because they can consistently achieve high win-rates regardless of the cards available to them.