Is anyone else incredibly unlucky?

  • I figured I would try arena for Halloween since the special arena seems fun. I go in and make my deck, nothing spectacular, but I do have 2 blizzards, a firelands portal and frostlich Janna as Warlock/mage so I was excited. I ended up 2-3 and across those games not once did I get lucky in any way. I faced a mage/priest that crystaline oracled babbling book from me, which gave him a cabalist's tome, which game his blizzard, meteor, and another cabalist's tome, which then gave him another cabalist's tome. He went from being behind in hand and field to board control and 8 cards in hand when I lost. I also faced a Rogue/shaman that played stonehill, got a lich king from it, which gave him death grip, which stole my stone hill which gave him another lich king. And worst of all, across all 5 games not once drew any of the 4 cards I was excited about, including the second to last game where all 4 were in the bottom 6 cards of my deck.

    This is just my first game of this, but my luck has been pretty bad in almost everything I played recently, hearthstone or not. Anyone else have any unlucky halloween hearthstone stories?
  • Kripp is pretty unlucky I heard.
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    Kripp is pretty unlucky I heard.

    If i get it right, this has to do with kripps latest videos.
    I find it pretty bad if not terrible for blizzard posts to ''make fun'' of streamers who just happen to disagree with the current arena state.
    Cripp sugested a few things for the arena state (and hes right imo). If you can counter them do it but if not dont write ironic comments. It just doesnt suit game designers to have such a behaviour.

    Kripp is a close friend of mine. He has many opinions on the state of arena and we speak privately to discuss them semi-regularly. This doesn't change the fact he is neverlucky, he would tell you so himself!