Answer for Blade flurry ?

  • Hello everyone

    Since we have now someone from blizzard answering our questions ( thanks Dean :) ) i was wondering if it is possible to get an answer about Blade flurry ?

    The card was initially nerfed because it was both a board clear and a face burst, which a lot a people agreed was a bit too strong, and because "it’s also an obstacle to adding better cards for Rogues". We waited a long time to see those card that blade flurry would restraint us from using, to not avail ..

    The problem came that, the double nerf of both utility (no face damage ) and mana cost ( doubled ) was clearly too strong , and the card went from being one of the most cool / emblematic card of rogue to one of the most unplayed card of the game.

    We can also take in consideration that at the moment of the nerf, the "power" levels of the cards seemed lower to me, wich changed after the old gold expansion and the apparition of more and more "powercards".

    Now, more than 3 years later, us rogue, finally finally see some synergy for our weapons . Blizzard seems decided to push the weapon archetype by give us some tools and synergy to build a deck based on weapon with no less than 4 Card out of 10 being weapon based on KFT... but still no card strong enought to make it viable ( trust me, i tried ).

    Wouldn't it be possible to just slightly buff the card again? Having a bit of board control could really make a difference for the weapon deck while "briging" back a little one of the most cool ( for me) card of the game.

    The thing is... this card really add something more to the identity of the rogue as a weapon user and really deserve to see some plays if possible. I personally don't think that just changing the mana cost to 3 for example would make the card powerfull ( it still even be a bit weak i guess ? ).

    For example if brought back to 3 mana It would be with shadowblade , ( the best weapon we currently have.. that don't even see plays ) a 6 mana combo using 2 card "deal 3 to all enemies minion and 3 to another enemy ). A +2 spellpowered swipe costing 6 at the price of taking an enemy minion dammage to your face.

    So :

    Does blizzard considere changing / buffing some card from strandart or it is still something still strictly forbidden ?
  • Classes need to have weaknesses. Rogue is a very tempo oriented class that has arguably the best single-target removal in the game. Blade Flurry was one of the better AoE cards in the game and we felt that shouldn't also be one of their strengths.

    Blade Flurry is a card that clearly scales with the other cards around it. If we were to make Blade Flurry more powerful, it would almost certainly be by giving Rogue more ways to have large weapons. That said, we still wouldn't want that to turn into AoE being a strength of Rogue.