Why does Lay On Hands cost 8 mana?

  • The healing LOH offers is about ~1.5 mana value
    The card draw LOH offers is ~5 mana value
    High cost cards should get premium values, not premium taxes. But this card just seems to have a bonus mana on it for no reason.

    Outside of super aggressive decks and divine favor, Paladin often struggles with consistent card draw, which is strange because they have(and have always had) a card that draws 3. Why does this card not cost 6 or 7 mana putting it more in line with similar cards such as nourish(which is right on curve for its value)?

    In an aggressive matchup you are lucky to see turn 8, and even in that scenario spending your turn to cast LOH likely doesn't even mitigate the amount of damage you took last turn, and doesn't affect the board state in any way to hinder that damage from recurring again the next turn.

    In a control matchup both players often sit near or effectively above 30 life, negating the value of the healing on LOH. You are often paying 8 mana to receive only 5 mana value in card draw.

    I know Blizzard doesn't like/want to edit the classic/basic cards (or ANY cards for that matter). But Lay On Hands is a great and iconic card that seems to have fallen behind in a way that I don't think even standard format rotations will fix.

    Why does this card cost 8 mana? Would this card be oppressive at 7 mana?
  • Lay on Hands is a fairly powerful card in the right meta. Stitching two cards together to assume what their mana-cost should be doesn't always lead you to a realistic answer.

    We have a (1) 2/2 Beast in Druid that is a good card, but not too powerful. I don't think we would ever make a card that said (2) Summon two 2/2 Beasts.

    We have a (2) 1/2 Taunt, Poisonous in neutral. We certainly would not make a card that said (4) Summon two 1/2 minions with Taunt and Poisonous.

    Comparing a card to other cards of a similar mana cost is usually a better path.