Please remove Lich King from Arena

  • This game is always going to be pretty RNG based, obviously, but Lich King is too large of a swing. If you have Lich King and the opponent doesn't, they're pretty much [email protected]#$ed. Something has to go seriously wrong for you to lose with this card in Arena. It makes the game mode very unfun and it would be a very simple change to just remove it.
  • Lich King is a powerful dude, but we haven't found it to be more powerful than many of the other cards that exist in arena. Most big taunts in arena tend to be powerful because decks lack the amount of removal they typically have in constructed.

    We take the idea of removing cards from arena pretty seriously. The rules for arena drafting are already not as straightforward as we would like and in order to create more special one-off rules a card has to be in extreme violation of how much fun is being had in arena. We thought Vicious Fledgling crossed that line, but not Death Knight, and not the Lich King. That said, I appreciate the feedback. The removal of VF was the result of community feedback combined with our own experiences. If LK turns out to give a lot of those same feels, we'll revisit this discussion.