RAINBOW CRASH - beware Mac users

  • If you are a mac user and considering downloading this game, please be aware of the following before investing any money:

    If you use the following:

    • Yosemite
    • Retina display
    • 1hour+ of continuous gameplay

    Then it is very likely the game will crash and you will often lose your battle even if you're able to force quit and restart in time.

    Bear in mind it is quite possible (especially in tavern brawl) for games to last 15 mins plus, so that may mean 1 in every 5 games you will lose without a choice. Not cool.

    This has been happening since at least August 2015, possibly even earlier than that, but my point is that there has been no less than 4 patches since then and still no resolution and in some forums users have even posted that they contacted support who told them that:

    Blizzard don't really support Mac

    Blizzard if you're listening the details are pretty consistent:

    • Yosemite
    • Retina display
    • 1hour+ of continuous gameplay
    • Rainbow starts and then game freezes
    • Game can often be force quit and restarted
    • Players are OFTEN lose their games as a result of this glitch

    Please, please, please, please, please try the game using these details and make a note of what's happening in the software when this happens? I know it's only a small amount of dev for a small amount of users but surely the in app purchases you're losing by not fixing this (not to mention converting any new iOS users to the game) will more than make up for the time spent.

    This is not the Blizzard I know and that I've loved since first playing Rock 'n' Roll racing on the SNES and later Warcraft (PC), Warcraft 2 (PC & PS2), Warcraft 3 (PC), Diabolo (PC), Starcraft (PC and Mac) and Starcraft 2 (Mac). You're losing valued customers who have been loyal to you for decades now, long before WoW gave you a stable income stream so you could take things to the next level.
  • Hi there friends,

    We are looking in to the issue more and more, the main thread that is a sticky covers this. last update from Development on the reddit thread was 22 days ago. We hope this is resolved soon, just a bit more complicated that most bugs we see.