Fireside Gathering Features: Now in Open Beta

  • The new features coming to Fireside Gatherings are now in Open Beta! That means that you can head to an approved Fireside Gathering near you to try out all the new stuff!

    Here’s what you have to look forward to:

    Taverns - Fireside Gathering Innkeepers who have hosted at least one Fireside Gathering with checked-in guests can now found a Tavern on the Fireside Gatherings website! They can give their Tavern a unique name and design a Tavern sign that perfectly embodies the spirit of their communities!

    The big news is that Taverns persist between gatherings, and they need your support to grow!

    Fireside Gathering Friends List – If you’ve got Location Services enabled on your mobile device, Hearthstone will know when you’re attending a Fireside Gathering! Just push the lantern icon that appears at the top of your Friends List to check in! This button will search for a Fireside Gathering at your location, or help find an upcoming one nearby. After you check in, your friends list will display your fellow attendees, making it faster and easier to find a new friend to partner up with or play against.

    Fireside Brawls - Fireside Brawls are special Tavern Brawls that can only be played at Fireside Gatherings. Each month there will be a different Fireside Brawl to try. These brawls run the whole month with no breaks, and they continue to exist alongside each weekly Tavern Brawl.

    June’s Fireside Brawl is The Great Nefarian Challenge!

    In the Great Nefarian Challenge, you’ll cooperate with a partner (as Morgl and Anduin) to take down Nefarian. The Fireside twist is that if you and your partner succeed in this task, you’ll be presented with a score screen letting you know both the number of turns it took to take Nefarian down, and the highest minion attack you achieved over the course of the game. Your Innkeeper could even be packing some prizes for those who get the best scores!

    Innkeepers, grab a quest log for your gatherings:

    Nefarian Quests (color) | Nefarian Quests (black and white)

    Enjoy this month’s Fireside Brawl, then get ready for July’s Fireside Brawl: Tag Team!

    Want to attend or start a Tavern of your own? Visit for more information!

    We hope to see you at a Fireside Gathering Tavern soon!