Didnt get overwatch card back.

  • ive bought the ps4 overwatch origin edition and ive already key in the digital code. but i didnt get the overwatch cardback in Hearthstone.
    I re-entered the code, it shows
    An error has occurred.
    This code has already been claimed!
    Each code can be redeemed once. If you didn’t previously claim this code, double-check the spelling and try again.

    Authentication keys will never contain 0, 1, 2, 7, A, E, I, O, U, Y and Z
    The following characters can be easily confused: B and 8, G and 6, 2 and Z and 7, 4 and H, E and F

    For more information, please visit our Support Site.

    please reply to this thank you.
  • Hey ZenSSSoul,

    I would make sure that you are entering the code correctly. However if you do continue to have issues I would open up a Ticket under Game key problem and we can assist you further. I would include a picture of they key to allow us to dig into it as soon as we get the ticket as it will likely be required for us to help.
  • Locking this thread as it was resurrected. If card backs are missing, following these steps to clear the cache on the account can help.

    If it continues, please post on the bug report forums. This is the technical support forums to assist with technical issues and not intended for bugs, account, or billing issues.