Bug - from Rank 7 to 25 After disconnect

  • Hi, today i have played some games until rank 7. at the end of one game i had a disconnect. After connecting again i'm now rank 25?!

    Since its not monthly reset and i also did not switch to wild (im playing standard only) i have no clue what happened? Same server of course (Europa).

    After that i did not play any game so far so in order to have my history showing a game at rank 7. could be a display error?

    Please help!
  • Thanks for the reports!

    The team is looking into this situation now.
  • We have confirmed that an issue regarding rank reset has affected a small number of players in the Europe region. We're continuing to investigate, and some impacted players may be contacted by our support team individually. (Don't forget to set @blizzard.com to circumvent your email spam filters)

    Apologies to those of you who are experiencing this issue, we're working to get this resolved as soon as possible.