Ozruk - does it work with 'summoned' minions?

  • So, for example, when you play N'Zoth and resurrect 5 deathrattle elementals, would you get a 5/30 Ozruk if you played Ozruk next turn?
  • 03/20/2017 03:56 PMPosted by Mmmrrrggglll
    Text on the card says "play".

    As Mmmrrrggglll mentioned, the key word here is "Play". Ozrek requires you to play an Elemental. So you will need to actively drag the minion from your hand to the battlefield in order to trigger Ozrek.

    Any other effect that puts an Elemental into play, such as Battlecry effects, Deathrattles or spells are not considered to be playing the minion. You are playing the effect/spell that is putting the minion into play :)
  • 03/20/2017 04:14 PMPosted by Mmmrrrggglll
    Just out of interest, is there any reason it wasn't set up to work off summons? I appreciate 5 health is a lot, but "late-game taunts are too powerful" isn't a common gameplay criticism.

    Great question!

    I'll shoot it over to Dev and see if it is something they can expand on :)