Cards disappeared from collection

  • I went to make changes to a deck and have found that some of my cards have disappeared. I know for sure that some cards are missing because I went to add Arcanite Reaper to my deck, and its gone. And that's a basic card, so I couldn't have disenchanted it by accident.

    Please help me get my cards back.
  • DantheMan,

    I'm not seeing any record of this card ever being crafted on either of your US or EU accounts.

    I do see a Ragnaros and Y'Shaarj being crafted very recently though in the US. Perhaps you've mistaken one of those for N'Zoth?

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  • Loopingz,

    I'm able to see 2 regular versions and one golden one on the account. Try exiting and logging back in and check again.
  • Mehrshad,

    The only card I see with the word "Void" in the name ever being in your card collection is a Void Ripper which is still there now.

    Date Obtained: 2017-12-15 10:19:52 from a Booster pack
  • Hey folks,

    We have never seen a situation where players have actually had cards go missing like this. It's invariably either someone logging into the wrong account, having standard vs wild selected, or misremembering things.

    The first thing you should do is double check that you are viewing wild mode if you are looking for old cards. As of this posting, any cards from One Night In Karazhan/Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and earlier are considered "Wild" and won't show in a standard search. Most Classic cards are also still usable, but a few were moved to "Hall of Fame" due to their effects on the meta. You can still play Wild cards in Wild mode.

    If you find that most or all of your collection has disappeared, try logging in using other emails you usually use for games and such, and you should find your cards on another account. If you are unable to find the correct account, contact support to get help recovering it.

    If you think you're missing a card, you probably disenchanted it or are thinking of a different card.