Consolidated mobile version 7.1.17720 issues thread

  • Post here if you are crashing or unable to log in after the 7.1.17720 or 7.1.18015 version update.

    Post your device model (and model number if there is one), as well as the OS version you are on. Also say if you are using a login or logging in to Hearthstone through the Facebook link.

    Also, you may want to try deleting the client from the mobile device, downloading the client to a desktop/laptop, and then syncing that to the device.

    NOTE: If you are on version 7.1.17720 there was a patch on March 8th(?) which may have cleared up the issue for you. Be sure you are on version 7.1.18015.
  • Heya all,

    I wanted to provide a little bit of information from our end about some of these issues. Specifically, we've identified a few different issues from some of these reports that we're working on a patch for now. We can't say for sure when the patch will be out, but we're going to get them fixed up for you ASAP.

    One of the bugs we've gotten reports on is crashes while playing. We've found most of these to be related to clicking through card animations while your hand is expanded. (More information here.)

    The other major play affecting bug is users having problems logging in via iOS devices since the patch. There's no troubleshooting 'fix' for this just yet, but some posters on this thread and a few others have been able to work around this:

      1. Download the game and start a "new" game.
      2. Go through the tutorial.
      3. Once you hit the point where you would register a account, choose "I already have an account" and enter your information.

    We know that neither of these are ideal work arounds, so we appreciate you all letting us know about the issues. We're working on more long term fixes as we speak!
  • Hey folks,

    The following issues should be resolved with the most recent patch:

      1. Crashes on startup for iOS versions lower than 8.0.
      2. Crashes when clicking through card animations with your hand expanded.
      3. Log in issues after updating.

    If you haven't gotten the patch yet, check the itunes store for it or reinstall the game. Once that's done you should be back in action! Thanks again for all the information in this thread. It was very valuable in getting these issues fixed up ASAP.
  • 03/14/2017 08:09 AMPosted by datswassup
    reinstalled the newest update multiple times - still the same as quoted - immediate crash like it was previously, cant find the solution.
    any advises?


    Can you check your Hearthstone application version for me and post it here? You should be on at least version 7.1.18015. If you're still getting the old version when you reinstall, as skymarshall reported, you may need to update first.
  • After digging into this a bit more, we're curious if this is a low memory issue.

    For the people who are still crashing and are updated to build 7.1.18015, if you restart your phone, ensure all other apps are closed, and log back in before starting anything else, does the issue persist?