New Update Removes Unpacking Data to SD Card?

  • I've been running Hearthstone on a phone with little more than 1GB of available internal memory for months.

    I did so by transferring the small initial download to my SD card and running the app from there to allow the installation to unpack to the SD card.

    This new update hasn't changed the initial small download size, but after transferring the newly updated Hearthstone app to my SD card I get hit with a message telling me that I don't have enough available space.

    I submitted a ticket and had a lovely chat with GM Rilnoth, who told me to post here if my problem wasn't solved by some previous posts.
  • What you need to do is go to your Settings menu, and go to Applications. Open Hearthstone, clear data and this should bring you apk back down to ~100mb. Move that to your SD card and then launch the game again, this should download the data to your SD card and let you play from it there.