Playstore only puts tablet version to phone?

  • Why does the playstore download the TABLET version onto my Galaxy S3 Phone?

    I want the version with the new interface and bigger buttons?
  • Have you done anything to modify your device? In all our tests against S3 we're getting the correct UI.
  • If it was never modified to run the tablet APK please list your device name and model, the client is supposed to auto-detect your screensize but sometimes some devices misreport their screensize.
  • Can you please go into your settings -> Device -> Model and post the exact model. Will help us diagnose as there are a lot of devices with similar names.
  • Thanks for all your reports. We are currently working on a solution to more intelligently detect your screensize.

    04/22/2015 03:05 AMPosted by Hildalani
    Was the SPH-L710 model tested? Or just the Verizonish version?

    We actually didn't hit that model and have now identified as one of the devices that is unfortunately always getting the tablet UI, so disregard my earlier statement on the S3.
  • We're putting out a patch today that should resolve most, if not all, of the issues with getting the wrong UI. After patching if you could respond whether or not the issue is persisting with your model number.
  • 05/13/2015 01:44 PMPosted by Sinergyy
    Hearthstone Patch 8834 and there is no solution to our problem implemented...

    The patch wasn't released when you posted this? Are you sure you have the right build?
  • Patch should be live now.
  • The Mega 6.3 is intended to have the tablet version. We draw the line at 6" up and down.
  • Can you please list your model numbers from your "About Device"

    I can get them added to our whitelist for our next update.