Well ... Blue Activity Sure Didn't Last Long...

  • Just a sad observation that the flurry of Blue activity a few weeks ago was very shortlived. I know I should not be surprised by that. That's been their approach to their own forums for a long time. But I suppose I was hoping that they were really serious when they said they intended to be more active here than in the past. Alas.
  • 03/08/2017 04:27 PMPosted by Aetheonus
    They all gave up after Ben Brode released his #Fire rap single because there was no way any of them could follow that act.




    No, but seriously. I post mostly when there's a thread that could benefit from more insight into our overall design philosophy, especially as it pertains to card design since that's what I work on. Most of the threads around here are just folks talking about strong decks, what to do with their collection, how to counter a certain strategy, Un'goro predictions, stuff like that, which is great, but isn't really a place for me to contribute, especially when folks are just looking for catharsis.

    That gold thread specifically is a difficult topic because it is closely tied to matchmaking and overall rewards and other stuff that I know is being worked on but don't have specific knowledge of. I could say 'hey, we know that people are sensitive to this, and we are looking at ways to mitigate their fears' but that is a vague and PR-y response even though it is true, and I don't think it would really help facilitate better conversation.

    I've thought about just having an AMA-esque thread where people can submit questions - it's true that some weeks I have more time for the forums than others - but curating that has its own problems.