Blizzard Please Read: Massive Error Needs Fixing

  • Hello forums,

    The most recent patch to the game introduced many helpful new changes. One of these was the new keyword 'Poisonous' for minions such as Pit Snake and Emperor Cobra.

    These minions had a card text that read 'Destroy any minion damaged by this minion', which has now been changed to the single word 'Poisonous'. Unless I am mistaken, this is a glaring mistake.

    'Poisonous' is defined as anything that will cause death or sickness to whatever eats or consumes it. A cobra is not poisonous, it is venomous. Anyone can eat a 'poisonous' snake provided that it does not bite them and inject its venom first.

    When a minion is killed by Pit Snake, it must clearly be the case that upon the loss of its single hitpoint the snake throws itself into the mouth of the attacking minion and down its throat (if it has one). Or is the Pit Snake venomous, meaning that when it attacks, its venom instantly takes down its prey as opposed to the toxic properties of its body?

    The card text for these minions should read 'Venomous', not 'Poisonous'. It is incorrect to describe them as poisonous, and misleading.

    Blizzard, we need answers! How can a blunder like this make it into the live game? What say you?
  • English is weird. This is kind of like how one of the definitions of 'literally' became 'figuratively.'

    When we had 'venomous' as the keyword, several internal people said that it looked like a bug - the right word was 'poisonous.' We knew that 'venomous' was technically correct, but it seemed that the usage of 'poisonous' to mean 'venomous' had become widespread enough that some folks thought 'poisonous' was actually the proper term.

    So either way, we were going to get bug reports - either for using 'poisonous' which isn't technically correct, or for using 'venomous' because people thought it wasn't technically correct.

    Context matters for decisions like these. We went with 'poisonous' because everyone who knew that 'venomous' was correct also knew that when we said 'poisonous' we meant 'venomous.' With 'venomous' we had people who were confused, because they thought that the 'right' word for 'you die when this bites you' was 'poisonous' so if we weren't using 'poisonous' the ability must do something else. We didn't want to confuse the 'poisonous' people and using 'poisonous' didn't confuse the 'venomous' people, so we used 'poisonous' as the keyword. The localization teams were a little bemused, but here we are.