Constantly losing connection when on WiFi

  • Mei
    I'm using a Nexus 5 running Android 5.0.1.
    Sometimes Hearthstone works fine, but frequently the "data connection lost" icon appears. Sometimes it happens multiple times in one turn. And it often takes 20+ seconds to become responsive again.

    I've checked, and my WiFi signal remains very strong even when this happens. My Nexus 5 still has full access to the internet despite Hearthstone losing its connection.
  • I would restart your router and your device. Make sure you don't have any firewalls active and your ports are open. This is not something that would differ at the device level if your phone is having difficulty communicating with the router.
  • We are making an improvement to how quickly the client detects a loss of connection.and that should resolve a fair amount of the issues people are running into.
  • We've researched this and will continue to research but there's nothing that indicates it's an issue with the client. Hearthstone requires a relatively strong and consistent online connection, most of what you see in the game is representation of a lot of server activity. This does separate it from most mobile games where the majority of their actions happens in the client itself.
    I would compare to a Netflix, if you're hitting buffering on Netflix or having websites time out then you're going to run into disconnection issues on Hearthstone usually due to the client falling back to a cell connection because it can't find a strong enough wifi source. This same behavior might not block internet browsing or something online that doesn't frequently query servers. So yeah really consider how you have your network set up, run some speedtests, check the strength in different areas, your router might be behind a particularly thick wall blocking a strong connection.
    As I said we will continue to research and continue to optimize our server communications to hopefully improve the experience.
  • 09/15/2015 04:20 AMPosted by Pirate
    iOS on an iPhone 6 here. Same problem intermittently. It can last for a day or more.

    1) Netflix & Hulu work fine while HS is having trouble keeping a stable connection to your servers.

    2) Aren't all the art assets on the local device? All you need to send is pointers to the pre-scripted animation segments. If you're sending as much data as Netflix, you're doing something wrong.

    3) Just loosen the timing on the disconnect-reconnect routine. The game won't think I've lost my connection and it won't waste bandwidth resestablishing a connection. You'll lighten the server load and make most of these problems go away.

    If it's intermittent then it's not the client, nothing changes how the game connects on a daily basis.
    Also it's not that it sends or receives as much data as a Netflix, the actual data use is relatively low. However literally every action made in every game is validated against our servers so the required connection has to be relatively strong/consistent.
    We actually did loosen the timing a few patches ago but when there's a complete loss of connection then there will still be a disconnect.
    Just personally there are areas of my house that my iPhone has a lot of trouble connecting to my wifi, webpages won't load, even areas that my PC or tablet has less trouble. And yeah those issues are on an intermittent daily basis, sometimes gets resolved by restarting the router other days not.
  • 11/08/2015 07:16 PMPosted by Megaherz76
    iPhone 6 iOS 9 has constant disconnects basically making the game unplayable.

    Try disabling cellular data while you're on wifi. It seems that on some devices the cell data and the wifi will fight each other and that can cause a disconnect.