"Shop Closed" on Android

  • Hello there!

    So HS finally hit Android devices that are no tablets. Awesome!
    Of course, I downloaded it from Google's Play Store to my HTC One M7 (running CM11.0 based on Android 4.4.4) asap.

    Logging in, changing the language to English (who plays that game on German anyways?!) & starting a game was no problem. Neither was disentchanting some cards and crafting some other. I even finished an Arena-run, I started some days ago.
    All great, no problems so far.

    But then I realized that the Shop was closed. But just for me & just on my phone. Desktop-version & other Android-users obviously have no prblems.
    I can't even enter the Arena again because the damn shop is closed for me.

    I already tried logging out & in again, wiping the app's cache, turning my device off & on again, I even reinstalled the whole huge thing.
    But all with the same result: I just can't access the shop.

    Any ideas how to solve that would be highly appreciated.

  • The store will close if it can't establish a connection with the googleplay or amazon store. Make sure that you can connect correctly to the app store, which may cause problems for rooted devices.