Wacom tablet pen support has been removed with patch 3.1.010357

  • I am a person with disabilities and have enjoyed playing hearthstone using my Wacom tablet (Intuos Pro series) ever since the closed beta which I was excited to be apart of. I was able to play this afternoon using my tablet but ever since the patch 3.1.010357 that has been released today (9/29/2015) I have been unable to use my tablet pen input to play. The tablet and pen work fine in all other apps I have installed. Just not hearthstone. It won't register a click event within the game. My mouse input works fine, but as I said I have a disability and the tablet is much much comfortable for me to use.

    I am using the Wacom driver version 6.314-1 for Windows and always update to the latest one right away.

    I know your development team uses Wacom tablets. Think you can take a look?

  • Unfortunately we do not officially support pen use and the native functionality was broken with the latest Unity upgrade. We are looking into this although I don't have an ETA.