Hearthstone appearing abnormally small at startup then crashing.

  • My hearthstone app is opening at an abnormally small size on startup (like maybe 2x3 inches) with a black bar across the display. If I double click the window it jumps to full screen but I am unable to change the display settings, either resolution or fullscreen mode. resolution options don't appear in the menu and selecting full screen does nothing and is then unselected when I leave options and then return. Whenever Isearch for a game an opponent is located but then I am never put into a game. If I close the app and reopen it attempts to reconnect but gets stuck again, and I am then given a loss. I reinstalled and it did nothing, and none of my other applications are having any issues what so ever. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Try using the Reset In-Game Options button in the Desktop App for the game under Options, then Game Settings.