Tavern Brawl Recap – Boss Battle Royale

  • Greetings Tavern Brawl forum patrons!

    Last week, we had a new Tavern Brawl – Boss Battle Royale. If you didn’t get the chance to try it out, we took some of the iconic Adventure bosses you may know and love and put them into the hands of the player for some high-powered Hearthstone battles!
    Today, we wanted to share some of the results from the Boss Battle Royale, and get some feedback from you regarding the Brawl. Take a look at the Boss Battle Royale leaderboard to see which bosses had the highest win rates globally!

    1. Grobbulus
    2. Coren Direbrew
    3. Lady Naz’jar
    4. White King
    5. The Curator
    6. Razorgore
    7. Skelesaurus Hex
    8. Noth
    9. Gothik

    Some matchups were a bit tougher on some bosses than others! The monstrous Grobbulus had a dominating win rate against the undead-resurrecting Noth, while seasoned pitfighter Coren Direbrew was more than a match for the White King. Players couldn’t escape the churning tide of minions from Lady Naz’jar; she was the most played Hero in the Brawl!

    We hope you enjoyed this look into Boss Battle Royale. What bosses did you enjoy playing? What other Adventure bosses do you think would be fun to play as?