Unable to install on SD card (Andriod)

  • So i was really happy when this came out on android.

    Though now i have trouble installing the hearthstone update files. And i mean those file when you boot up the game for the first time. It starts perfectly untill half way there. Then it say :

    "There is not enough space on your device to install hearthstone. Please remove some files to free up the additional space. If you are using a storage like like an SD card, please ensure you have write permissions."

    I have my standard writing drive set to SD because the internall is to small for it.

    could you guys help me fix this? I would love to play the game..
  • What you need to do is go to your Settings menu, and go to Applications. Open Hearthstone, clear data and this should bring you apk back down to ~100mb. Move that to your SD card and then launch the game again, this should download the data to your SD card and let you play from it there.

    You do need to be able to at least install the 100mb to internal storage for this work.