Sticky list for known trolls on the forums.

  • We need a list stickied for known trolls on this forum that way newcomers to this forum will know who to respond to in the threads they create. This will save much of the new poster's time and energy only responding to legitimate posts and not feeding the trolls.

    Much energy is wasted responding to and defending your post against trolls. Many people are off put by troll posts. Posters judge the forum as a whole for trolls inflaming and pointless thread responses who only seek to derail the post.

    Please help us clean up the forums with a posting of known trolls so the forums can get back to game discussion and not wasted time and energy.

    *So far 6 known trolls not wanting listed in counting.*
  • I completely understand the goal of such a list and why some would want it.

    However, I also agree that, while it may be a deterrent for some, it would be a goal for others.

    I honestly think the better goal would be to encourage and interact with those who bring quality to the community and just flat out ignore said trolls.

    I also think a fantastic point that was brought up was about trolling really being about how it is received.

    To folks that know me, I kid around a lot. To someone looking in from the outside, I can seem like a huge troll. Time, place and topic are all huge parts of this.

    This is why it is so very important we all work to build an awesome community. If it gets too toxic, then everyone is on guard and it removes that chance to joke and have fun with each other.

    So instead of making a list, I issue a challenge. For each of you to be your best, help each other and make this community as fun as possible for everyone. :)
  • 01/27/2017 11:09 AMPosted by WingedKagout
    Maybe use the Report functionality if you feel they cross a line

    Please do! Let us deal with these situations. No need to give them attention otherwise. :)

    01/27/2017 11:09 AMPosted by WingedKagout
    Of course, you should distinguish between actual trolls and those who are just frustrated with something and just need to vent for a bit.

    100.999% yes! I encourage fans to "vent". I have said this on several other posts. If something feels frustrating, please feel free to let us know. It is feedback for us to make improvements. However, as passionate as someone may be about it, please try to deliver the message in a respectful way. I think that delivery is what can cause some heated feedback to feel like trolling.
  • Singularity -

    I thank you very much for your reply and I, in no way, take offense. Feedback of all kinds is always welcomed and you have presented a valid point in a great way.

    There is much more going on behind the scenes than what is seen or what we are able to share with you. Though I understand why it could seem otherwise at times. I think this dips into a bit of the discussion we were having earlier in this thread about what is seen as trolling. Why there are some very obvious instances, there are some responses that are just heated or are overflowing with passion. We don't necessarily want to quell these players. We also don't want it to seem we are removing posts just because someone does not agree or is bringing a conflicting idea to the conversation. These types of conversations can really help to educate by presenting views that some may not have had an opportunity to see.

    However, there are some posts where it is just about the person trying to fire people up. In regards to these, well, to put it simply, it is a chance for us to improve also. We are always looking to be better and grow and as we do so, our reactions, timing and ability to catch these things quicker will improve.

    So yes, this challenge is for everybody. Myself included. There is always room for improvement and I hope we are able to show you that this is something we are working on.

    The forums is never ignored and we realize there is room for us to grow in how we address them. We are working on improving. :)
  • 01/27/2017 11:28 AMPosted by Mercutio
    Incidentally, I did try to report them and I get an error message that the report failed, so for one reason or another that's clearly not working either at the moment.

    This was reported and should be working properly again. Thanks for the heads up! Please let me know if it isn't.
  • 01/27/2017 11:53 AMPosted by TheRiddler
    So Jesse... I agree we as forum members should be doing our part. But it takes two to tango.

    Fair point.

    I don't disagree. While it may take some time, I feel these improvements are something we can all achieve.