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  • What are these forums for ???????????

    I always thought forums where a place for people who don't physically enteract with each other to have discussions? Rather they all agree or disagree, it was a place to state your ideas. Then I started posting on the Blizz official forums, and found out that is not "thier" veiw at all.

    Blizz should just post a disclaimer......
    " Love us or you'll post will be removed "

    ......It would save me, and I'm sure others, a lot of wasted time!!!!
  • 01/26/2017 11:53 AMPosted by Faustivious
    " Love us or you'll post will be removed "

    This just isn't true at all.

    I have mentioned it many times before. You can disagree with anything said. Players with concerns help provide great feedback. However, it is all in the delivery.

    Posting to the forums saying "I have an issue with XXXX. I wish it was YYYY" or "Can we get a change for ZZZZ" is highly encouraged.

    However, posting things such as "OMG CHANGE THIS CARD IM TIRED OF LOSING TO SCRUBS" or anything that is just obvious trolling will more than likely get your post removed.

    There was a great post yesterday about fans being happy that Dev was posting, even though they disagreed with them. That was an amazing approach to the situation. Being constructive is always appreciated while we could all do without aggressive, all caps attacks towards someone who disagrees with a statement.