Tyrande Whisperwind Request/Complaint

  • Hey guys,
    I'm a relative new player of Heartstone and I've grown quite fond of the priest class.
    Now there's the problem that there isn't any other priest character I could unlock/buy. Except for Tyrande Whisperwind, which is by far the best character in the whole game till this date.
    First my request, does anyone have a spare key laying around? Would be the best thing ever and I would be very gratefull!
    Then I want to adress the whole problems the promotion has. I tried to channel my frustration first through a ticket and chat support, but they couldn't help me with it so I had to go to the forums to write it.

    The whole Tyrande Whisperwind promotions is a bad one. I mean, it offers a really cool new character to the game which you can play. But I think it's unfair that you can't get it legally (atleast through a loophole) and that it's susceptible to illegal actions. I was searching the other day for keys and noticed a guy from some 3th world country (think it was South-America) selling alot of keys which he generated by changing his IP and entering a false postal adress time after time.
    In this way an somewhat illegal market starts for these keys. Which you have to buy from someone which makes it really easy for other people to scam other people. Especially through paypal etc.

    Now I want to know the opinion from the community.
    Am I whining too much or do you guys agree with it?
    I'm looking forward for the response.

    Kind Regards,