Any word of Tyrande?

  • I like it when there's special "limited time" events but it's bad when u can't get them in certain regions like the Tyrande Whisperwind event. Are they planning on having it available in all regions at some point before it goes away forever? I can't stand Anduin.
  • Thanks for the message simon and RoKa! I am a big fan of Priest as well, and I totally get why you’d be bummed that you can’t unlock Tyrande.

    When we do special promotions, we want the people who participate to feel really special for being involved. At the same time, we totally acknowledge that people who can’t participate can feel really left out – especially if the reason for not being able to participate is out of their control (regional access restriction, or maybe they weren’t around when the event was happening, etc).

    Given this, we are actively looking into ways to grant access to new Heroes and card backs that some players may have missed out on. We’ll make an announcement once our plans are solidified!