Seriously Blizzard

  • I've been playing your games since early on in the 90's starting with Lost Vikings which was a great game btw. I've since than supported and played every game you ever released including being subscribed to WoW for over 10 years in total. I play on EU but I post here since like 95% of all answers from Blizzard you recieve from the US forums since you put more effort there than anywhere else.

    I've played and loved Hearthstone since the release and I've supported the game anyway that I can, one of my favourite classes has always been Priest but I've always hated Anduins portrait and I've dreamed about getting Tyrande as a skin for years and that includes alot of other players aswell.

    And when you finally release her you decide to screw more than half of the Hearthstone population by releasing her in a limited amount of countrys.

    Is this the thanks I get for 25 years of support and playing your games, screwing me over bigtime. I wont say I will stop playing your games because quite frankly I wont since I still love to play WoW and I do enjoy both HS and Overwatch however dont expect me to put in a good word for the company because if you can treat long time supporters like garbage well you dont deserve a good word.

    Thats all I wanted to say over and out.
  • Greetings everyone,

    I first want to thank all of you who have shown such passion and desire. We completely understand the frustration some of you have voiced. This has not gone unheard.

    This concern is something Team 5 has been discussing and we understand and appreciate all the enthusiasm around Tyrande. Based on this response, will find new opportunities in the future for players in unsupported regions to acquire the hero.

    That said, we would discourage players from using false credentials, as it will limit the ability of both Blizzard's, and our partner's, teams to help them in case something goes wrong with the account.