Rank Anxiety

  • Recently I've been trying out a couple new deck ideas/variations on my existing decks in Casual mode of course. It disappoints me how many times I'm matched against meta decks that are clearly capable of climbing into the higher ranks. I'd say about 70% of my games in Casual are against decks that are quite strong and well-established.

    Why do you think so many people have anxiety over ranked play? Are people really that afraid of eventually playing against decks that could consistently challenge them? Do they get a kick out of the occasional easy wins they get playing against people who are clearly new to the game, or people who are forced to use Casual to playtest decks they aren't used to playing? You even get rewards at the end of each season depending on how far you've gotten, there's literally no good reason not to play ranked if you're playing a meta deck, or at least a relatively good deck O_o

    I can understand the rare case where someone JUST built a meta deck and they want to play a couple Casual games to get used to it. But I have a feeling these matchups I'm constantly getting aren't against people in that situation ><

    Luckily the decks I'm trying out are still good enough to challenge some of the established meta, but at this point it's just got me wondering what peoples' deals are with ranked play.
  • Fantastic points in this thread.

    I feel some folks just hit that ladder anxiety. Others may just hit a point on ladder where it was a struggle, so they do not want to drop, but would like to continue playing. There are a ton of reasons (including some not so nice ones) where folks could be playing "meta" decks on casual. I also agree it can be frustrating to want to try something new and different and hit the same thing over and over.

    However, I think EnSabahNur brings up a great point. These situations set up games where you can test your new decks against what a lot of other players are playing. Makes for a great test bed, imo ofc.