Its Been a Blue Week.

  • Been an abnormally high number of blue posts here over the last week or so, so I though I would throw together a "highlight reel" of some of the more relevant posts and comments.

    Starting with this one, an issue I myself have had quite a few times with the mysterious “invisible” posts, as its most relevant to the forum community:

    01/13/2017 09:11 AMPosted by Jesse Hill
    01/12/2017 11:33 AMPosted by Sovereign
    Yeah I tried to post like 4 times. It bumped the thread every time, but my posts are not here.

    I think it was taking a moment to load, so when you put in multiple posts, it marked it as spam. I cleared it up for you. Your post should now be there.

    So don’t rush to repost, you might trigger the spam filter.

    Ben Brode talks about rotating cards from the basic & classic sets as an option to keep the standard meta fresh:

    01/06/2017 04:28 PMPosted by Ben Brode
    We knew we weren't going to get there when the Year of the Kraken began, so we nerfed 12 basic/classic cards, to put more of the weight of the meta into the rotating sets. We always knew we'd have to watch the meta to see if any future changes would be needed when we got ready for the next year of Standard. If things are looking like they are going to be too same-y for that next year, we could see more nerfs, or we might rotate some additional classic cards to Wild, like we did with Old Murk Eye. No matter what, we're committed to making Standard fresh and exciting each new year.

    And then goes on to explain why buffs to the basic/classic sets are unlikely to occur:

    01/06/2017 06:23 PMPosted by Ben Brode
    01/06/2017 04:37 PMPosted by Magnijung
    Are you guys considering, besides nerfs, implementing buffs for underused vanilla cards?

    Given the goal of Standard is to keep the game fresh each year, it's important to keep a lot of the power of the cards in the expansions, and not in the basic and classic sets. It's not clear what that balance of power should look like (is it ~10 cards from the basic and classic sets on average?), but we're currently skewed so high towards basic and classic cards in decks, that we are at high risk for 'samey-ness' as the years change in Standard. Buffing Basic/Classic cards *increases* that risk. If the goal is to get more cool cards into the meta, just releasing awesome new cards in expansions should make an impact there, and still keep Standard fresh.

    Jesse Hill implies more deck slots could be on the horizon (/crosses fingers):

    01/12/2017 10:22 AMPosted by Jesse Hill
    Did...did you just make a "more deck slots post"?!?!


    He also makes mention of constructive feedback vs. rage and which is the better method of communication:

    01/11/2017 03:05 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
    I don't think it's all warm and fuzzy. I have heard feedback that has come from frustration. It is all in the delivery and I believe that is the message here. Constructive feedback as opposed to "OMG BLIZZ FIX IT MORONS!". That approach tends not to work as well. This is something you have actually done well in your posts Ragnar and is greatly appreciated.

    Max McCall addresses Drakonid Operative:

    Jesse, yet again, informs us match making is NOT rigged, sadly this will not stop incessant claims to the contrary:

    01/10/2017 04:15 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
    Pump the tin foil breaks.

    I'm saying it isn't just finding 2 people and putting them together like some of the other examples. Rank/MMR decides who you play. I'm talking all the tech stuff and what not.

    As much as some would like to think it is rigged, it isn't. Sorry for any confusion :)

    And suggests that maybe, just maybe, a more heavy handed approach to forum moderation could be in the works:

    01/11/2017 03:11 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
    01/11/2017 03:00 PMPosted by ChaosSlayer
    You need to seriously consider start banning people who like starting up stupid drama spamming same threads 5 times a day, every day.
    There are about a dozen posters who repeatedly post various non-sense. Silence them and the quality of posts will quickly improve.

    Good point.

    However, it isn't just about shutting down someone who comes off a certain way. It is a matter of finding a balance of "silencing" someone because they are intentionally trying to troll and not restricting someone who is speaking out of passion. Also, you don't want this perception of "I was banned because I disagree", because that will never be the case. Some folks have great points, but just need a little work on the delivery. ;)

    Regardless, we are working on being better about addressing this situation. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Back to Max on Jade Druid and “class identity” this time – these are long winded so I will just link the posts in question:

    Ben Brode confirms Reno is rotating:

    no, that would make each rotation less likely to succeed at keeping the meta fresh. We will keep making exciting new cards.

    First Q&A with Ben & Dean. I wont go into the details of it, they are covered here with, along with the Q&A itself:

    Feel free to add your own from here or abroad (my RL is too busy to scour all the fan sites daily, and I hate twitter so unless its posted here chances are I missed it) if I missed anything you feel worthy of inclusion and/or discuss the listed points.

    I will finish with a question to the community - Should the level of blue activity seen over the last week or so continue, would you like more of these? I dont mind putting them together, but I dont want to be wasting my time either.
  • Thanks for the summary!
  • Jesse Hill implies more deck slots could be on the horizon (/crosses fingers):

    Love the post!

    Just wanted to mention that I was absolutely NOT hinting to more deck slots :p

    I just had not seen a deck slot post in some time and it surprised me.

    Not saying it can't happen, but not implying it either. ;)
  • Mhm, of course, we believe you! *wink*