Lets define....

  • Lets define Pay to win.

    Pay to win: When real life currency can be used to gain advantages over other players who don't or can't afford to spend money on the game being played.

    The ability to buy packs and adventures with real life money ruins Hearthstone. Everyone would be on a much better playing field if EVERYONE had to actually play the game and do Arena Mode for their card collection.

    Cosmetic purchases should be the only thing buy-able in any game, end of story...

    I have no problem with heroes being able to be bought. My question is why couldn't card backs be bought too, and just leave packs out of it. The obvious answer is that Blizzard knows people would sink money into cards, because you need cards to win, therefore, Hearthstone is Pay to win.

    Inb4getgoodcomments. ;)

    Time taken to get cards is far too long, that is the main issue with being able to buy cards. Someone who buys packs can literly save hundreds of hours in a matter of minutes...
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    there isn't a strict definition

    I believe this is the what this topic comes down to. Players see things in different ways.

    Some may feel that a player with several extra hours a day has an advantage over anyone who is limited in their time because they can "grind" out more quests and games.

    Some feel others who can spend hundreds with every expansion should be in a league of their own.

    We have seen/heard examples of players never spending a dime and hitting high ranks and we all have that one friend who, regardless of how much is spent, never seems to be any level of decent at any kind of game.

    Experience, investment (time, money or otherwise), groups you are part of, threads you read, friends you play with, games you have played in the past, etc, etc, etc... ALL play a part in your view on this topic.

    I do not think it can be defined in any one specific way that can satisfy everybody. Everyone has different experiences and therefore has different takes on it.

    This thread has spun up some solid points as well as defended some. I think the level of interaction and passion over the matter is great, but do remind everyone to be respectful of each other. Regardless of views, we all form this community together.
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  • I already weighed in on the subject, so I have nothing to add in that respect.

    However, I do want to commend you all who have joined in and discussed this topic. To see such a passionate matter be discussed with minimal moderation speaks volumes to how awesome this community is.

    Thank you all and please keep it up. <3