I officially declare this game p2w

  • All Tier 1-2 decks costs 5000 + dust and/or multiple adventures to complete.

    Right now f2p players have no choice, NO CHOICE!.

    And don't tell me you can replace legendaries because everybody knows that those decks are not tier 1-2 if you replace key cards like patches or leeroy.

    Guess we all need to open our wallets to compete, right ?
  • 01/19/2017 11:20 AMPosted by Maximus
    A rain of downvotes and not even 1 argument pointing why I'm wrong.

    I think it is because this conversation has just been done to death. There was recently a thread that had some amazing back and forth and would serve the purpose of "arguing" your point. There are players on both sides of this conversation who feel very strongly about this topic.

    Because of this reason, I am going to lock this thread. Much like the "Everything is rigged!" threads, ,they tend to add nothing constructive to the discussion that has not already been covered a hundred times and opens up a lot of flaming opportunity.