Hearthstone 5.2 Known Issues - 7/12/16

  • Greetings All!
    Below you will find the Known Issues list for the Mobile Client.

    Please direct PC/Mac bugs to the Bug Report Forum: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/10591462/

    Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

    As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active and occurring in Hearthstone. What it is listing are a select few issues -- chosen due to severity/impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

    Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

    Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Hearthstone!!!

    Known Issues:


  • On phones Player portrait icons are showing the Wild mode "vines" during standard mode games
  • The iPhone SE is using the iPad Tablet UI instead of the phone UI
  • Tapping the friends list immediately after a match can cause a crash
  • Whispers of the Old Gods packs are slightly off-center during pack opening on phones
  • The gold display does not show on launch and will overlap the dust display after returning from the collection manager
  • Android Devices with an x86 processor on Lollipop may experience a crash after minimizing the game
  • The Gold total and number of friends can appear corrupted after changing languages or after unlocking
  • Android Phones and Tablets with a PowerVR chipset may display distorted card names or text elements
  • You are unable to install the Amazon App if you have the Authenticator installed via Google (and vice versa)[u][ul][/ul]