Not enough space while "Unpacking crates" FIX

  • Hey there,

    I see there are many people who have issues with the problem mentioned in the topic.
    Basically, what probably happens to you is the following:
    1. Downloaded Hearthstone from the Play Store
    2. Launched it
    3. It began "unpacking crates", which resulted in an "not enough space" error.

    You need to have an actual external SD card with at least 2GB of free space
    What you have to do is fairly simple, just follow these steps:
    Step 1. Remove Hearthstone, you can even plug your phone to the PC and check if there are any file leftovers, if there are some, remove them as well. Leave no trace of Android Hearthstone on your phone. You may find these in "Phone\Android\obb" directory.
    Step 2. Download it again, just like you did before.
    Step 3. Do not open it! Otherwise you'll have to redownload it again.
    Step 4. Open the App Manager and find Hearthstone.
    Step 5. Transfer Hearthstone onto the SD Card
    Step 6. Launch Hearthstone

    It just worked for me, I wonder if this tutorial will be helpful for any of you.
    Also, I'm sorry for the separate topic about this, but it may be pretty useful for the people looking for a quick answer, instead of skimming through all the other topics discussing this matter.

  • This seems fairly straightforward, let us know if you're having success with this method and we may sticky it.