Stay classy, Hearthstone

  • Had a good game against a mage. They played Yogg and basically took over. I conceded after a few pointless turns.

    Friend request I said good yogg. They replied <rudely>

    They won and are still mad about what i don't know. I honestly kinda feel bad for the guy. But at the same time it's like what's going on with this community?

    I have 31 people on my friends list most gotten through good matches. It's been months since I've added one though because nobody wants to act like a human being anymore.

    Yeah internet is trash but still, some days it's more sad than others.

    Oh well. Thanks for reading.
  • I'm truly sorry that you had a bad experience with another player. I've been lucky in that 99% of my friend requests have been players who just wanted to comment positively on the last game or ask about the deck I was running, but I know not everyone has that experience.

    Please do refrain from reproducing the statements that such players can make on the forum though.