• I'm so confused I just got the welcome bundle nd it says there should be at least one classic legendary nd I dident get any at all I have it recorded on my phone I'm just so confused I'm not new player so I was rly getting it just for the legendary once I upload video I'll post link can someone plz help me nd tell me what's going on

    Here the link my phone recorded I sent best so it little laggy but no legendary

  • If you didn't get a legendary, Draxxarri covers the issue here:

  • 09/15/2016 05:53 PMPosted by Maverick
    Hey Jesse, that didn't work. Have even tried downloading it on the Mac and still nothing. This legendary was the only reason I purchased the Welcome bundle...

    If you originally purchased the Welcome Bundle on the battle.net site, but only recently updated to 6.1.1 then you might need to check your collection for new or duplicate cards.

    Thus far at least, we don't have any verified reports of anyone *not* getting their Legendary from the Welcome Bundle after updating to 6.1.1 and logging in, but it won't appear in a client that hasn't been updated yet.