The Unofficial Tavern Brawl Meta Discussion

  • Hi all,

    I was rather enjoying the current Tavern Brawl, noting all of its intricacies, as well as the variety and effectiveness of many different builds, so I thought I'd share some of the more effective and consistent builds I had seen and was hoping some of you might do the same.

    Mech Hunter

    Annoy-o-Tronn, Mechwarper, Metaltooth Leaper

    A simple, effective build utilizing the Annoy-o-Tron/Mechwarper core to take control of the board and set-up big pushes with Metaltooth Leaper. This build synergizes very well with the class' hero power, as it allows the deck to push the few extra points of damage it sometimes needs against mill decks.

    Mech Rogue

    Annoy-o-Tronn, Mechwarper, Iron Sentinel

    Very similar in design to the Mech Hunter variants, this build takes a weaker control match-up to improve its Zoo match-up, as Iron Sentinel allows it to push the value game even through the Warlock hero power where Mech Hunter could not.

    Mill Druid

    Innervate, Naturalize, Coldlight Oracle

    This is, in my opinion, the strongest deck of the format, as it maintains a positive match-up against most mech decks, any astral communion deck that doesn't get going immediately and even maintains a passable match-up against its main counter: zoo.

    Zoo Warlock

    Possessed Villager, Power Overwhelming, Dark Peddler

    This is the most effective counter I have found to mill druid up to this point, as they cannot remove all of your minions between possessed villager and dark peddler each representing two bodies that need to be removed and the hero power allowing for two draws per turn. This deck will beat any other deck on board for the first three turns and then can win through a combination of power overwhelming and reach discovered from the peddlers.

    Freeze Mage

    Ice Lance, Frost Bolt, Ice Block

    While this deck tends to struggle with mech decks, as it often can't keep-up with the tempo offered by mechwarper, it maintains a positive match-up against most other decks of the format, as many other decks struggle to power through the ice blocks or, for mill variants, allow an exceptionally fast burn through the combination of Frost Bolt and Ice Lance.

    Astral Communion Druid

    Innervate, Astral Communion, Prince Malchezaar

    This deck does a couple of things: It allows a powerful value game, it empties your hand early to avoid the mill and it allows pretty substantial variety in play, making it very hard for your opponent to predict your moves. I've seen wild growth variants of this deck, but believe that innervate variants are substantially stronger due to their greater speed.

    Aggro Warrior

    Fiery War Axe, Heroic Strike, Shield Block

    I found this build to be far more effective before people started recognizing it, as it removes mechs very efficiently and does a lot of damage if players hold back, but can be fairly easily played around. If it is to keep-up in the meta, it will require some refining.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions concerning the builds I have posted or have any additional builds you have been finding success with, please let me know. I've been experimenting with a Tempo Mage variant, but feel it could still use some refining and would love to see any Arcane Giant builds anyone has been having success with!
  • I stole your idea. With so many individual posts going around, I created an official thread for this Brawl. Share your combo or discuss Top 3 in the megathread we've created to talk about this week's brawl: