Tavern Brawl: Top 3 Megathread

  • Since there are a ton of threads about this week's Tavern Brawl, let's consolidate that discussion into this thread.

    Share your best combos and counter-combos here!
  • 09/14/2016 03:55 PMPosted by Roughstack
    You know this week's Tavern brawl is broken when mods start locking threads about it.

    Nah, has nothing to do with that. Brawls are Brawls, and I think every single one will be at least a little divisive because different people like different things. None of them are designed to please everybody because down that path lies futility and madness.

    There were just a bunch of individual threads discussing this brawl and it made sense to bring those conversations together.
  • 09/14/2016 04:10 PMPosted by Teelo
    Excuse me, Daxxari. We already have a thread about this weeks tavern brawl posted months ago.


    Please blue-tag and direct all posts to that existing thread instead.

    Masterful. I concede.

    But we're still using this thread.

    Edit: Let's keep discussions in this thread focused on the brawl itself rather than moderation, please. Thanks!
  • Just disabled a bunch of posts. Apologies, since I know it's frustrating to lose work you took time to write, but let's please keep this thread focused on the brawl itself.

    Thanks all! Sorry to be so heavy handed, but it's been kind of necessary today.
  • 09/15/2016 02:51 PMPosted by WaxxyOne
    On my turn 3 or 4 (sorry I don't remember the exact sequence of events), he had no cards in hand, I had used my hero power and had a Soulfire and two Golems in hand. No minions were out. I cast Soulfire on his hero, and nothing was discarded. Had one of the two Golems in my hand been discarded as intended, it would have been summoned, but both remained in my hand. I thought I had seen something wrong and checked the action log at left, and it showed me casting the Soulfire and doing 4 damage to his face, but did not show a discarded card to the right as it normally would have.

    Odd. Would you be willing to drop a report on this in the Bug Report forum?
  • 09/16/2016 10:40 AMPosted by wachna
    Every second person is running a mill druid (Coldlight Oracle + Innervate + Naturalize). Very clever deck, agreed, but can people please just come up with their own original decks? No qualms about losing, but it's getting boring af to keep running into the same damn deck but with different players. I kid you not, I've played against at least 15+ players running the same deck. Props to whoever came up with it tho.

    There are a few card combinations that are pretty hard counters to the mill deck.